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CINQUE TERRE, the Italian Riviera!

A six-mile stretch of the Italian Riviera offers hiking, boating, swimming, as well as fabulous food (fish the specialty), with pastel cliff hugging villages and terraced vineyards. It is no wonder this area of Italy is such a favorite of so many. Traffic free and happily isolated from the usual choices Italy offers, you can spend some quality down time or visit for a relaxing, carefree travel experience.  Cinque Terre

Just think of it – no need to “cross off your list”  of multiple sights that can’t be missed. Instead, join the relaxed and sometimes sunburned tourists who have found this enchanting spot. Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre or “the five lands” offer up five enchanting towns to hike, boat or train to. Riomaggiore is the biggest and most “work day” of the five villages. Manarola is right on the waterfront dotted with a mix of shops, houses and vineyards. Corniglia is a quiet hilltop village, but the only village not on the coast. Few tourists and a tradition of fine wines await! Vernazza is this region’s gem, with a ruined castle perched above the natural harbor. Monteresso al Mare is resort-like, flat, spread out. There is a charming old town and a modern new town, with the regions best beaches, swimming and nightlife. Cinque Terre

Bring comfortable shoes and understand you will be walking uneven pavements and terraced hills. These villages are not the best choice for anyone with mobility issues.

Reading about travel is almost as fun as being there. It certainly gets you in the frame of mind to start planning. A great read for this area is Beautiful Ruins.

I believe in independent travel and can put together packages that allow you to explore this unique area of Italy without stress, pre-planned, but loose and created specifically for your travel needs. No tour buses, no moving in groups of 20+. Interested?

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