I am proud to have earned the distinction as a Certified Hawaii Destination Specialist! This means that I can guide you expertly through the maize of so many islands and so little time! Hawaii sometimes gets short changed as a destination for new experiences. Most people end up sunning on the beach in a fine resort without really exploring these luscious islands! Here are some did you knows:

  • You can tube down the famous “Indiana Jones” river on Kauai!You can explore a lava tube and come out on a black sand beach or dive into a small pool with the surrounding Pacific crashing against the rocks on Maui!

    • TIP : Two roads lead to Kauai’s Waimea Canyon. Picnic along the rim and watch the canyon’s radiant colors change as fluffy white clouds drift over its crested buttes, rugged crags and deep valley gorges. You can see the canyon from every angle if you take one road up and one road down!

  • You can stop on the Road to Hana and hike deep into the jungles for a waterfall plunge just like the movies on Maui!

    • TIP : A perfect end to a day on Maui is standing on the top of Mt. Haleakala in reverential silence as you witness a sunset that will erase all others from your memory.

  • You can idle the time away on a black sand beach with sunning tortoise and snorkel to claim a prize on Hawaii!

    •  TIP : Get a taste of this Hawaii Island when you tour one of its many coffee plantations. A good place to start is just above Kailua-Kona, in the area known as the Coffee Belt, where roadside kiosks in the mountain village of H’lualoa offer a wide variety of tasting options.

  • You can see the “other side” of Honolulu and watch surfers or find that secluded beach on Oahu!

    • TIP : Dive deep into Oahu’s vibrant contemporary culture on the first Friday of every month in downtown Honolulu. “First Friday” is a festive night where local artists, artisans and musicians share their work.

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