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ITALY!-Fine Food & Wine

Italy is a food lover’s dream and it is no wonder, because so many of our best known foods started here! Rich in gastronomic culture, the regions offer unique and familiar tasting experiences.

For instance, crave rich dishes of beef and corn – then Lombardy is your place! Spaghetti sauces (kids first picks) are found in Bologna, with traditional pizza in Naples. Enjoy spices rich with saffron?, then the Arabic-influenced cuisine of Sicily should fit the bill.

Wine is also well represented along the wine routes of Valpolicella, Chianti and Piedmont. With rustic bistros and trendy new restaurants to delight!

Why does food and wine mean so much to the Italian people? I can answer that from experience, since being a full-blooded Italian, it is safe to say it is our culture and way of life! All over Italy the kitchen and the table are where family gathers. This is the heart of every household and it spills out to the outdoor cafe’s and bistro’s.

Traveling to Italy and taking the time to absorb the rich food and wine influenced culture is the only way to go! So, next time you are thinking of Italy as your travel destination, let me send you to Italy! I promise you will return with unforgettable memories, as well as a suitcase full of food & drink from my personal favorite shops!

Linda, Your Let’s Go Gal!