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MILAN, A Vibrant City With Surprises!

Milan is a great starting point to explore Northern Italy. I share with you some of my own pictures and my feelings about this capital of Lombardy. 

The Duomo is the 4th largest church in Europe. Gothic, loaded with pointed arches and spires, it was not built from ordinary stone, but from marble, top to bottom! You can visit the Treasury, Baptistery & roof climb for a nominal fee.

At 535 x 300 feet this Cathedral is immense! Check out this window, just one of many 15th century mosaics of brilliant stained glass. Built by wealthy families seeking the Church’s favor, they face the south and get the most light.

The treasury is found by steps leading under the alter and the tombs of St. Charles Borromeo and his family are residing. Charles was bishop of Milan. Silver reliefs around the ceiling show scenes from his life. Carved ivories round out the scene. The Baptistery is in the rear of the church and you can climb down from here to where the original church once stood. The Cathedral rooftop is a must of the Duomo visit. You will wander through a fancy forest of spires with great views of the city, the square and on clear days, the crisp and jagged Italian Alps. At 330 feet above everything, you are on top of the world! (You can climb the stairs or take the elevator).

Close to the Duomo is the main square of Piazza del Duomo. A great place to hang out AND then to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele! SHOPPING at its finest, with Gucci and a fantastic glass-domed arcade that takes your breath away!

I  am standing on the floor mosaic, which is patriotic and honors the city since 1870. For good luck, locals step on the bulls testicles and it seems to work better if you spin. Watch the bull and see locals and tourists alike spinning like tops – great fun!.

These bulls are found throughout the city and great for photo’s. 


Take a look at the beautiful displays of gorgeous leather gloves! I couldn’t resist and bought a pair of driving gloves that, well, fit like a glove!

I have just touched on this high-energy city, with it’s beautifully dressed  people. There is much to do, including a prearranged visit to see the “Last Supper” by Leonardo.

Make Milan your first stop in Northern Italy and I promise you won’t be sorry.

Linda, Your Let’s Go! Gal…