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VENICE, A Magical Place

So much has been written about Venice, but my visit to this extraordinary place was so magical! I wanted to share some pictures and thoughts. It is ALL ABOUT the canals! This island shouts to you to walk and explore, never worrying about getting lost, because you are on an island! 

No were else can you sit in the evening, in Piazza San Marco, sipping an aperitif’, listening to the dueling orchestra’s in the shadows of the magnificent Basilica. You will wonder why you have never visited before and want to never leave that time, that moment. 

There is so much to see and do, but because of what you will feel, you want to linger and savor the moments. St. Mark’s Basilica is very inspiring. Filled with mosaics, saint’s bones, treasury and museum, including a Golden Altarpiece that is magnificent, it is still one of my favorite Cathedrals!

Museums abound, from the art-splashed Doge’s Palace, to the Correr with Venetian history at it’s finest. The Accademia is the tops, the Peggy Guggenhelm Collection is popular – but maybe just admiring the carnival masks is enough? VENICE MASKS

Of course, we must mention that most do Gondola ride, it is so relaxing, taking you through everyday canals with laundry hanging out to dry and potted plants at every window! 

The ever present Campanile (dramatic bell tower) offers great views from the top. 

The Bridge of Sighs is not to be missed, the Frari Church is an often overlooked Franciscan church featuring Renaissance masters! Speaking of bridges – one can’t forget the Rialto, spanning the great canal with a market nearby for locals and tourists.

But wait, there is more! Taking a fast boat to Murano or Burano Island, famous for glass factories, a glass making museum and exquisite lace is a great treat. Bringing home glass or lace is one souvenir that can’t be over looked. Every Christmas I see my Venetian Glass stars on my tree and remember! 

I think you can get an idea of why Venice is a real favorite of my visits to Italy.

Linda, Your Let’s Go! Gal